In Private Hands

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In Private Hands

A once-in-a-lifetime exhibition of 100 paintings from 55 lenders, representing some of the very finest works of American art held in private collections. Celebrates the legacy of American art and is a perfect complement to PAFA's 200th anniversary celebration.

" The year 2005 marks an incredible moment in our history: the beginning of the third century of excellence in collecting, exhibiting and teaching.

In Private Hands links the earliest paintings with the most recent works of art, the East and West coasts, and the representational with the abstract in ways that show the magnificent outcome of PAFA's original quest to encourage the arts of the nation. " - Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Donald R. Caldwell

Contributors: Lynn Marsden-Atlass, Nicolai Cikovsky, Jr and Robert Rosenblum

Editorial Supervisor: Kim Sajet

256 pages


Past Exhibition: October 1, 2005 - January 8, 2006


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