Lavendula Hand Sanitizer

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Lavendula Hand Sanitizer
Lavendula Hand Sanitizer
Noshinku was founded on the belief that life is lived in the details and that every moment, no matter how small, impacts our quality of life. We design personal care products that combine functional utility with stylish aesthetics that make up the details of a life well-lived. We exist to keep hands healthy, because healthy hands have the power to change the world.

Natural botanicals specifically formulated to protect, moisturize, and repair skin.

Hydrating Formula: Nourishing sanitizer blended with 70% pharma-grade ethyl alcohol distilled from organic cane sugar alongside a conditioning blend of Aloe, Rosa Canina, Jojoba and Argan to soothe, moisturize and protect skin. Noshinku sanitizer is an FDA-Registered and Compliant Formula.

Each pocket sprayer contains approximately 270 sprays. Use as often as needed. 

Lavendula: Floral, sweet and slightly spicy blend of natural essential oils including Rich Provence Lavender and Spicy Cardamom.




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