Edward Gorey

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Edward Gorey

’Tis the season to be Gorey. . . . This is Edward St. John Gorey at his festive best. Join him as you sip the flaming punch, sample a cookie, dispose of the fruitcake, and decorate the fireplace.

Gorey (American, 1925–2000) was a brilliant artist and writer, a Harvard graduate, and a respected book designer. His drawings and stories, set in a vaguely Edwardian time frame, exhibit a special genius for what is left unseen and unsaid. Crosshatched characters and quirky narratives keep Gorey devotees in gleeful anticipation of decorous mayhem.

Creator of more than one hundred works—from a wealth of darkly hilarious books to the animated opening sequence of the PBS television series Mystery!—Gorey was a master of the amusing, the strange, and the unexpected. His artworks are collected and treasured throughout the world.

Contains five each of the following holiday cards:
The Great Veiled Bear
“Suppiluliumas dozes while the family finishes decorating the fireplace.”
Flaming Punch Bowl

Inside message: Season's greetings

Twenty assorted 5 x 7 holiday cards ( 5 of each 4 designs ) 

Printed on Recycled paper. 

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