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Rina Banerjee: Catalog


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Rina Banerjee: Catalog

Text by Jodi Throckmorton, Lauren Schell Dickens, Rachel Kent, Allie Biswas.

Amid a turn toward nativist politics in the United States, the work of Indian-born, New York-based artist Rina Banerjee (born 1963) seems particularly relevant, reflecting as it does the splintered experience of identity, tradition, and culture prevalent in diasporic communities. Banerjee's fanciful sculptures are made from materials sourced throughout the world—in a single work one can find African tribal jewelry, feathers, light bulbs, Murano glass, and South Asian antiques. Make Me a Summary of the World, the first in-depth examination of the artist's work uses a selection of Banerjee's large-scale installations along with her sculptures and paintings to consider the artist's place in both American and global frameworks.

Hardcover, 9.5 x 11 in. / 160 pgs / 100 color.

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