Ruth B Ginsburg Necklace

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Ruth B Ginsburg Necklace

Founder Nina Grier and Historical Dream,, black-owned business and a philadelphia-based jewelry artist. 

After a successful career in the healthcare industry and a re-settlement to her native town of Philadelphia, Nina Grier wanted to make a difference locally and nationally in some way.  Nina set about to create a portfolio of consumer products that are wearable art on designer shirts, artisan jewelry, stationery, and upholstered decor items that elevate the social and consumer awareness of national figures.  In 2015, Nina Founded Historical Dream, an entity designed to show an appreciation of diverse cultural leaders throughout history who've helped shape the country and the world's shared progressive interests. 

Historical Dream has distinguished itself by showcasing famous characters including Lucretia Mott,  Frederick Douglass, Harriett Tubman as well as lesser known figures such as Wong Chin Foo (who advocated for the rights of the Chinese during the 19th century); Chief Sitting Bull (a Holy Man and Chief of the Lakota tribe); and others.   

Historical Dream was born from the idea of a nationwide love of cultural diversity.  "In our minds, it’s like an emblematic olive branch that reaches across the past to bridge a present and future America" says Ms. Grier.  Notice the olive branch that is nestled in the company logo. 

Nina and her team are dedicated to a passion, mission and commerce that helps continue the forward movement of a culturally rich society. 

Memorializing another fierce female leader, here is a sterling silver quarter size medalion necklace of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She was a Supreme Court justice of the United States from 1193 until her death in September 2020. Throughout her time on the bench, she was a leading voice for gender equality, wome's interests and civil rights.

Dimensions: 18" length chain and 1.5" medallion

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