Making American Artists Foxhunt Giclee

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Making American Artists Foxhunt Giclee
Making American Artists: Stories from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, 1776–1976
Special Exhibition:
Samuel M.V. Hamilton Building
Curated by:
Dr. Anna Marley, Kenneth R. Woodcock Curator of Historical American Art;
Prior Reinhardt, Curatorial Administration Support

The exhibition offers new narratives in American art history, embracing stories about women artists, LGBTQIA+ artists, and artists of color. It also poses central questions about the artist’s experience: what did it mean to be an American artist when the nation was founded? How had that changed by the late-twentieth century?

Organized by theme—portraiture, history painting, still life, genre scenes, and landscape—and not chronology, the exhibition affords the opportunity to enjoy familiar works in a new light and find new favorites.

Each of the featured artists’ careers were shaped by PAFA, whether through their education or the exhibition and display of their work. Making American Artists critically re-examines PAFA’s legacy while shedding light on its continuing role in shaping American art of the twenty-first century.

" Fox Hunt " Winslow Homer, 1893

Dimensions: 24" x 18"

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