Cool Waves And Hot Blocks

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Cool Waves And Hot Blocks

 Edna Andrade, studied and earned a Post Graduate degree at PAFA. She was an American abstract artist, she was an early Op Artist. The Op Art movement refers to paintings and sculptures that use illusions or optical effects. Op Art includes graphic elements and use of color that similiarly appears in works from other movements such Post Impressionism, Futurism, Constructivism and Dadaism.

 " There are times when I think, all the things that are going on in the world, all the things that are wrong, is it really all right for a grown person to sit here playing with forms? And it is like a game when I start - just moving things around. But I think I do it just because we live life in such impossible times. You go out in the streets, you see what's there, you come home and put something together with an order of its own ... it keeps you sane! " - ( 1989 )

32 pages. Soft cover.

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