Lennart Anderson

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Lennart Anderson

In our minds is a presentation of Anderson’s work that is intense in the particular and full of overall presence. Lennart’s work is both humble and ambitious; he convinces us of God in the details without losing the larger structure. He accomplishes this particularity by the use of intense passages that still connect and meld with the whole. We sought to connect his engagements as they coursed through his life. The landscape was as relevant as his commitment to the figure—they needed each other. The still lifes are a foil to the synthetic mythological paintings. His adroitness in trusting the importance of tone remains constant, as does his use of measuring. A specific vision of the role of the artist’s eye runs through his themes, spanning over sixty years of Anderson’s work, from 1951 to 2015. This exhibition holds his unique vision at the forefront of the selection and includes works that reveal his range as well as his obsessiveness with looking.

Publisher: The Estate of Lennart Anderson
Pages: 84
50+ Color plates
Format: Hardcover
Dimensions: 10 x 10
Design: Patricia Fabricant

This is the most comprehensive publication to date on the painter Lennart Anderson (1928-2015). Anderson was described by the New York Times as one of the “most prominent and admired painters to translate figurative art into a modern idiom.” John Yau calls Anderson a “masterful colorist whose sensitivity to tonality and to tonal groupings is unrivaled,” and Hilton Kramer succinctly wrote that Anderson was a “Degas of our time.” This illustrated and scholarly publication pairs more than fifty full color reproductions of work, some never seen before, with essays by leading contemporary painters and art historians.


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