Pafaxthecolorg Teddy Bear

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Pafaxthecolorg Teddy Bear
Pafaxthecolorg Teddy Bear
Pafaxthecolorg Teddy Bear
Pafaxthecolorg Teddy Bear

First Edition Collectible Teddy Bear

April 6, 2023

Limited Edition of 12 Bears:

Bear each bear varies in design

Size: 13 1/2" length ( 9 1/2" sitting position ) x 6" width x 7" depth

Design Inspired by the Historic Landmark Building and Samuel M.V. Hamilton Building  architectural ornaments.


The First Edition Collectible Bear is a site-specific teddy bear that marks the PAFA Museum Store's first collaboration with a local artist/PAFA Alumni. The bear celebrates the store's mission to support local artists and creative community.

About the Artist:

Ash Garner - THECOLORG is a millenial feminine queer interdisciplinary artist based in Philadelphia, PA. For generations, members of her family have created teddy bears, and she continues this tradition to share a sense of comfort, connection , and play with people of all ages.



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