Pompeii Bracelet

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Pompeii Bracelet
Pompeii Bracelet

Patricia Locke's work speaks a distinctive visual language that encourages self-expression and hints at a subliminal universe of rites, passages, and mysteries. Inspired from a wealth of cultural and historic influences - including architecture, archeology, astronomy, and global travel. Her provocative collections reflect an aura of romance, self-possession and multi-faceted femininity.

Patricia Locke collections always blend the depth of fine art with a modern sense of fashion. Her work is immediately recognizable for its distinctive asymmetry, tantalizing multi-metal combinations and elegant use of positive-negative space. Each piece presents an exquisite paradox, at once handsome and beautiful, organic and geometric, and contemporary with heirloom overtones. New collections are released five times a year. Each collection will have a unifying theme and offer several new and exciting styles.

Among America's premier contemporary jewelry designers, Patricia Locke's collections are timeless, relevant, and consummately collectible.

Design Process & Color Stories

Designers Patricia Locke and Deborah Rethemeyer create designs that are made in sterling silver or 24KT gold plating. Each piece is then colored with a "Color Story" of Swarovski crystals and natural stones. Each "Color Story" has a unique name and a particular set of colored stones. Some of these stories remain consistent with each collection, while others are always evolving.

Gold overlay

Length: 7.25 "

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