Topper Fringe

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Topper Fringe

The perfect blend of cotton and cashmere with the fringe. A lightweight relaxed topper that creates an easy yet timeless look for everyday wear. Over a sundress or with your favorite pair of denim, this topper is a wardrobe staple.

The feel warmth and beauty of cashmere is unrivaled. Very few fibers can elicit such emotion and excitement. Cashmere comes from a goat. The combination of dietary and geographic conditions of the Central and East Asian steppe, mountain plateaus and deserts have evolved the goats that dwell there into the most productive cashmere fiber growers in the world.

Raw cashmere is a mixture of underdown and coarse outer guard hairs, along with dirt, sand, animal grease grease and vegetable and other impurities. After sorting the fiber, the fiber is scoured to remove the impurities, then washed, and ready for dehaired - the machine remove the course guard hair from the soft underdown. The value of dehaired cashmere is influenced by key factors: fineness, length and color. Once the fiber is dehaired, it is shipped to the spinners, weavers and knitters around the world. It is converted into yarn on the woolen or cotton yarn making systems. 

Hand washing and dry cleaning is recommended. 

Use lukewarm water for hand washing with mild soap. Gently work the suds into the fabric and rinse thoroughly. Gently squeeze the excess water and lightly roll in a dry towel. Lay your garment flat in its natural shape to dry completely.

It is best to fold your garment and store in a drawer or shelf.

Can be worn multiple ways. 20" Length without fringe.

One size fits most.

color: royal blue

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