Warhol Mechanical Pencil

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Warhol Mechanical Pencil
Warhol Mechanical Pencil
The Andy Warhol Philosophy Mechanical Pencil features Warhol’s famous quote “Art is what you can get away with” in gold foil, packaged in a sturdy, windowed reusable box.
It uses a 2mm pencil lead which is standard for mechanical pencils. The pencil lead and erasers are both refillable (not included with the pencil).
• Box Size: 1.77 x 6.92 x 0.83”, 45 x 176 x 21 mm
• Pencil Size: 0.45 x 5.37”, 11 x 136 mm
• Refillable components–pencil lead & eraser
• 2.0 x 90 mm HB refillable pencil lead
• Replaceable eraser

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